Inclusive governance

All people should have the opportunity and the ability to participate in public decisions that affect their lives.

CARE works with women, their communities, leaders, and authorities to ensure socially marginalized and Indigenous women and girls have their rights respected, their identity valued, and equitable access to livelihoods and skilled jobs.

CARE is supporting civil society engagement, social accountability, and social movements by leveraging the trust of the government and working in equal partnerships with civil society organizations.

CARE works with local partners including local, regional, and national governments, the private sector, and local civil society to ensure an effective and sustainable impact. ​

In Cambodia, CARE has been working on governance and social accountability within marginalized communities for more than 10 years. The community scorecard is used to enhance the performance, responsiveness, and accountability of local government and service providers, including commune administrations, health centers, and primary schools. This is improving local access to information, transparent budgeting, and citizen-led monitoring with a focus on positive engagement and impact for women, young people, and Indigenous communities.










News & Stories

Improving citizen’s rights and community services through social accountability

The Community Accountability Facilitators (CAFs) are important actors in the Implementation of Social Accountability Framework (ISAF) as they are part of the community, aware of the local issues and can act as act as catalyst for positive change in their community. Read More

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Cheatra’s journey from volunteer to commune worker

Cheatra's journey into community service began as a volunteer for various CARE projects, most recently as a Community Accountability Facilitator. Read More

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Uniting on inclusion in the garment sector

EuroCham's Responsible Business Hub in collaboration with CARE and with the support of GIZ FABRIC Cambodia, hosted the Breakfast Talk event "Breaking Barriers: People with Disabilities in the Garment Sector” on Friday 1 September. Read More

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